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Castle Erdődy Old Town

In the atrium of the old castle town of Varazdin mark your memorable
moments of the wedding!

Choose your right royal wedding in a unique and one of elite space in Croatia!

Old Town as a Cultural Department Varaždin City Museum

Varaždinska feudal fortress, from ancient times called Old Town, the most important historical buildings of Varazdin. It is the center of aristocratic estate, owner and legally separate from the free royal town of Varazdin. The present fort was built of 14 to 19 the century. The oldest part of the central tower.

Bench and canopy in its ground floor are the most beautiful examples of Gothic secular plastic in the North Croatian. For the wars with the Turks in the 16th century, rebuilt in the Renaissance Wasserburg, a fortress – the castle is surrounded by high earthen walls with bastions, surrounded by a double belt of water.

Turnover in the second half of the 16th century carried Italian architects from around Coma headed by the emperor built the fortress in the Slavonian frontier Domenico del? Lalli.

During the past was having many important noble family, the Counts of Celje, John Ungnada, George of Brandenburg and Croatian Ban Thomas Erdödyja and his successors.

In 1925. become the property of the city of Varazdin.

In honor of the millennium anniversary of the Croatian kingdom was opened in the Old Town 1925th The Varazdin Municipal Museum. In its premises are situated the oldest collection, Cultural Department, whose numerous collections in our time set out in stylish rooms.

Are the most valuable collection of guild items, furniture, historical portraits, weapons, paintings, clocks, porcelain and glass along with many other objects of everyday life Varazdin nobility and wealthy citizens and visitors today can see the 40-odd museum rooms.

Especially valuable are the collections of artifacts from the legacy of two celebrated Varazdin, politician and writer John Kukuljevića Sakcinskog and linguist Vatroslava Jagića.

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