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Island Lokrum

The protected small harbor of Portoč, the island’s accessibility and its abundance of fertile land on a large expanse of flatland, led to land cultivation and the construction of a CHURCH WITH A MONASTERY in the 11th century. The gardens of Lokrum on the protected and sunny plain were thus established many centuries ago.

Records from the 15th century state that the Benedictine monastery’s estates on Lokrum were superbly landscaped and cultivated. The monastery was known for its cultivated plants and herbs as well as good wine but also beautiful gardens. The island’s name (lat. acrumen = sour fruit) indicates that the fertile land was probably cultivated since prehistoric times and that at least lemons and oranges were grown there.

From plants and herbs cultivated by Benedictine monks, only the OLIVE GROVE to the north of the monastery complex was preserved. The empty spaces, which appeared with the loss of old trees, were filled in with young saplings during the PEN Congress in Dubrovnik in 1993.

Lokrum is a Nature Reserve and a Special Forest Vegetation Reserve

Therefore it is not allowed to endanger in any way the natural and cultural goods on the island, to throw the waste, bring dogs or light the fire. Smoking is prohibited. It is not allowed to stay on the island overnight.

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