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Lotrscak Tower The Upper Town

This is the only preserved mediaeval tower from the 13th-century fortifications, slightly modified in the 19th century, with a small lookout post on top.

The bells of the Lotrščak tower used to summon the townsfolk to return to the town at sunset, when the gates were locked for the night.
Nowadays Lotrščak is more famous for its cannon, which is fired every day at noon.

The canon-firing tradition was initiated on New Year’s Day 1877, although several legends connect it with much earlier events.

According to one story, the cannon was presented to the townsfolk by Hungarian King Bela IV in 1242, as a reward for protecting him from marauding Tatars–on condition that the cannon
was fired every.

The cannon could also have come from the spoils of a victory over the Turks, but whichever story is true, locals set their watches by the sound of the shot heard all over the city centre.

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