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National archive in Zagreb

The Croatian State Archives in Zagreb (CSA) is the central archival institution in the Republic of Croatia. It performs archival services related to archival and current records created by state bodies, state and public institutions and enterprises, by corporate bodies, and by families and individuals whose activity covers the whole or a greater part of Croatia, or is of national interest. Its beginnings are symbolically linked to the year 1643, when, according to a decision made by the Croatian parliament, state treasurer Ivan Zakmardi de Diankovec ordered the making of a special Chest of Privileges of the Kingdom for keeping the state’s charters, privileges and legal regulations.

Subsequently, it became the national archive and has developed by founding separate units that assume specific roles in the archival service. The CSA today has 160 employees operating within the following departments: the Department for the Protection and Processing of Archival Records, the Department for Information and Communication, the IT Department, the Croatian Film Archives, the Central Laboratory for Conservation and Restoration, the Central Laboratory for Photography, the Department of Comprehensive and Financial Services and the Department of Archives of the Archdiocese of Zagreb.

The Croatian State Archives holds more than 23.500 linear meters of archival records, dating from the 10th century to the present day and arranged into more than 1.850 archival funds and collections, mostly created by central state administration bodies and educational, cultural, health care and military institutions. Particularly significant are records created by Croatian emigrants and by prominent individuals and families belonging to the Croatian cultural circle.

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