Ties, shirts and suits for grooms

Ties, shirts and suits for grooms

Dear grooms,

You can mark your wedding day by designing unique tie or ribbon for yourself or as a gift for your favourite guests.

Antropoti VIP Club, in cooperation with “Croata”, and with its individual approach, will help you choose the perfect design for a tie, scarf, ribbon or shirt.

… CROATA is in communication terms become original expression wealth of Croatian and world cultural heritage.

Croatia is known to the world as the home of the tie – symbol of male elegance, self-confidence and dignity.

Fashion mark CROATA all stated represents in offer top quality tie.

Ties CROATA produced hand-made from best silk with interesting details.

Exclusivity tie contributes and the fact that produced in limited series

from only 25 tie in the same color and same design.

Antropoti VIP Club is here for you, to secure only the best for you and your wedding day.