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Greetings To The Sun

Greetings to the Sun is the work of the award-winning Zadar architect Nikola Bašić. It is located on the western part of the waterfront by the Sea Organ.
The Greeting to the Sun is comprised of three hundred multi-layered glass plates at the same level with the stone-paved promenade covering a 22m diameter.This unique urban installation absorbs the Sun’s rays during the day,and at sunset the lighting element is activated which is built into the circle, thus producing a marvellous impressive show of light.
In the metal ring that surrounds the Greeting to the Sun,the names of Zadar’s saints have been engraved.Alongside their name and the date of their feast days, is written the declination of the Sun from the north or the south of the Equator, the altitude of the Sun’s meridian on the date of that saint’s day, making the whole installation a kind of calendar.
The Greeting to the Sun has become a very popular tourist attraction and one of Zadar’s symbols.Visit it at night and enjoy the magical play of light whilst listening to the sounds of the Sea Organ in the background.

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