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Medvednica Nature Park – Castle Medvedgrad – Castle Weddings – Nature Park Weddings

It is really difficult to choose the wedding location next to a wealth of natural beauty and cultural heritage found in Medvednica Nature Park in Zagreb.

The Antropoti VIP Club will help you choose the best of the most beautiful locations for your dream wedding in Medvednica Nature Park.

To help you choose, by reducing the wide range of wedding localities, here are our sugggestions for your unique and special wedding day.

Our recommendations:
1. Medvedgrad

The most preserved fortress of Medvednica is Medvedgrad, constructed in the 13th century with a purpose to defend the Kaptol and bishops’ estates.

Medvedgrad is a middle-ages fortress 800 years old. It changed 107 masters. One of the most famous is the Black Queen (Barbara Celjska), infamous queen told in many legends.

Medvedgrad had double walls and three doors. If the enemy wanted to capture it, he had to pass both the outer and inner wall. Two towers were built for defense that did not have doors at ground level, so defenders could defend themselves from upstairs. In addition, a tactic to break down resistance defenders during that time was to besiege the city and wait for the enemy to run out of water and food supplies. However, in that case Medvedgrad had a solution – a cistern with a filter of large and small stones where they collected rainwater and had spacious storage for food.
It is considered that the most valued building is an octagonal St. Filip and Jakov chapel with stone corners, rosettes, and Romanic portal 3 m high.

Most interesting is that Medvedgrad was never used as defense because it was never attacked. One of the assumptions is that it was built to serve as a treasure trove of ecclesiastical treasures.

Medvednica forests spread down almost to the centre of Zagreba . Besides the peace and greenery, this mountain also offers following:

2. Forestry Bliznec

At the entrance of the park there is a very old settlement Biznec and Educational trail of 800 meters, which finishes in the courtyard / on the terrace of Sawmill Bliznec. The trail walk lasts around 20 minutes and follows the creek Bliznec.

3. Sljeme Chapel

The chapel’s ceiling was built from the Slavonian oak and it is divided into 49 fields, of which 39 represent coat of arms of the Croatian towns and countries. The chapel’s interior was arranged by Croatian famous sculptors and painters.

4. Cinovnicka Meadow

Almost on the top of the park, placed in a forest, 20 m from the meadow there is a Sljeme Chapel and 100 m from the meadow, 50 m from the chapel is a ski run “White Queen” and TV Tower with panoramic view of Zagorje on a clear way.

Under the meadow there is a spring and across a ski run “White Downhill” with lots of skiers and sleigh riders during a winter.

5. Mountain Mirror

It is situated on the south side on the edge of the park, very close to the junction of the Old and New Creek and meeting points of Trnava stream. Mountain Mirror is a horizontal fault area 30 m high and 10 m wide.

On the west side of the southern hills of Medvenica run Kustosak, Mikulici and Vrapcak streams. The biggest one, Vrapcak, is considered special due to its most beautiful waterfall on Medvednica Sopot.

6. Sopot

9 m tall waterfall in a cave gorge of the middle flow of Vrapcak stream. It provides refreshment throughout most of the year, but in the end of the summer it usually dries up.

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