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The City of Youth Pionirac – Park Weddings

Grad Mladih (The City of Youth) is a Croatian protected monument of culture which comprises pavilions, playgrounds and accommodation for visitors, surrounded by dozens of acres of forest park, with its lawns and sculptures. Based on a number of visits, it has proved to be Zagreb’s most favourite picnic area.

Grad Mladih is located in the eastern part of the town, under Sljeme area, in a district of Dubrava.
Forest park covers 50 acres of henced and landscaped area.

On the top of the park is a restaurant surrounded by large meadows, children playgrounds and miniature golf courses. The restaurant has a rich gastronomic offer with guarantees of quality. Cosy ambience, open restaurant, terrace surrounded by green and the sun and two closed halls inside the restaurant guarantee a pleasant stay for all those who are looking for a good quality food in a quiet area.

Across the restaurant lays a lake suitable for making photographs and recording first romantic moments of your wedding.

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for getting married in The City of Youth.
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