Registrar and Wedding Documentation

Registrar and Wedding Documentation

We will help you with all necessary information and documention

requested for your wedding ceremony

Basic information:

  • Pay attention to the availability of the Register Office or a church you have chosen
  • Before visiting the Register Office you need to decide on the family name
  • Application to the Register Office
  • Application for a couple who has chosen only a church wedding
  • A bride and groom need to agree date and time of the church ceremony with the responsible official of the religious community
  • The Registrar will issue to a bride and groom a certificate/licence for a marriage in a religious form (2 copies) – certificates are valid for three months from the date of issuance
  • On the back of the certificate is a form that needs to be filled out by a responsible official of the religious community and it serves as a proof for registering the marriage into the state marriage registry

Application requirements:

  • Birth certificate not older than 3 months
  • Citizenship certificate or another proof of citizenship
  • Foreign citizens must enclose a certificate of marital status / confirmation that the party was not married before
  • IDs for a bride, groom and best men (best men must be over 18 years old)
  • Price of a wedding in a Register Office is 300,00 kn (application stamp)
  • Price of a church wedding is 140,00 kn
  • Religious communities ask for evidence of belonging to the community and they organize courses for a bride and groom
  • It is necessary to make appointment for church wedding rehearsal

Wedding ceremony outside a Register Office:

According to the new Croatian Family Act, it is possible to get married outside a Register Office.
Going out in the field of the official person claims additional costs.
  • When a wedding is performed in a place 10 km away from a Register Office, price is 10% of the gross salary of a Croatian employee.
  • When over 10 km – 20% of the same base
  • Morning term – from 8am to 4pm
  • From 4pm to 8pm 20%
  • From 8pm to 10pm 30%
  • On Sundays and holidays 100%
  • Exception for the health reasons–above mentioned amounts will be reduced for 50%


For Civil wedding in Croatia you need to prepare and submit the paperwork within 3 months of the wedding venue. Registry office won’t accept the papers submitted older than 3 months (90 days).

Wedding documentation including:

  • Two witnesses are required with full names
  • Passport copies

The mandatory documents:

  • Original Long-Form Birth Certificate
  • Original Single Status Certificate/Original Certificate Of No Impediment
  • Copies of Passports
  • Documentation Verification

*Note: Depending on your nationality, the legal processes and required documents may or may not adhere to above mentioned procedures. So, if you are opting for a civil wedding in Croatia, you need to have an Apostille with your submitted documents and it is recommended for a foreigner to get his/her documents verified by the embassy.


Since Croatia’s state religion is Catholicism for getting married in Croatia requires you to perform your wedding venue in a catholic church and you cannot choose a church of another religion.
Before selecting a married in Croatian church the first step is for foreigners should register a legal marriage in their native country since Roman Catholic weddings do not enjoy a legal status in Croatia.

Wedding Documentation Procedures:

  • you should acknowledge your local parish in advance about the exact date and time of your wedding venue (some couples choose to or suggested to enroll in a pre-marriage)
  • inter-church documents needs to be exchanged by your bishop to the Croatian bishop as well, this is a type of “No Objection Certificate” which is a must doc to get married outside your native country (this document is standard and recognized as “Litterae Testimoniales “(testimonial letters) or “Nihil obstat”)
    *So, this is a type of “No Objection Certificate” which is a must doc to get married outside your native country.

The mandatory documents:

  • a “formal letter” with the permission of wedding ceremony in the church on a particular date. This letter is the wedding permission letter signed from your parish priest
  • in Croatia, if you have been divorced in the past, you cannot choose to remarry in the Catholic Church and you need to deposit a “Baptismal certificate” showing that you have never been married before
  • if you have been enrolled in pre-marriage courses, you need to deposit “Pre-Cana certificate”
  • a legal document signed, sealed and stamped by the local bishop office “Pre-nuptial investigation form”

*Note: To avoid delays and complications, your local parish should send these documents to Croatia in the times  of 3-6 months before your wedding date.


Croatia – a land of a thousand islands, magnificent nature, treasure trove of impressive history and gastronomy of different regions is the perfect country for symbolic wedding and is an ideal way for escape piles of documents and costs.
Many couples take the stress out from their celebrations and choose symbolic wedding in Croatia and stayed longer on their honeymoon or vacation.
Croatia has over 1350 islands and in case of symbolic wedding, couples choose to marry in their native country and come in Croatia afterwards to celebrate and enjoy in the beauty of Croatia.

Example – Chinese nationals:

For wedding of Chinese citizens in Croatia you will need to provide us with folowing:
  • Birth certificate
  • Confirmation that the parties were NOT married before
  • Confirmation that the Croatian marriage certificate will be valid in China
  • Copy of passport
  • All certificates must be original (except for a passport copy), not older than 3 months on the application day, fully legalized in China and translated by authorized court translator in Croatia.
  • Fully legalized means that all certificates must be verified / notarized by the Chinese authorities and by Croatian Consulate in China.
  • It is necessary to apply for a wedding minimum 30 and maximum 45 days prior to the wedding.
  • When applying for a wedding, as well as when getting married, presence of the court translator chosen by a bride and groom is mandatory.
  • Price for official ceremony at government office is 50 euros.