Wedding Coordinator

Wedding Coordinator

If you have decided to entirely organize your wedding, but still want to enjoy in every moment and complete freedom on your most beautiful day, your wedding day, avoiding situations that you have been asked questions and interrupted in your precious moments, the choice of the Antropoti wedding coordinator is the best solution.

The coordinator perfectly manages and coordinates time for all services and supervises all associates who work on your wedding organization photographers, video recoders, limo drivers, musicians, flower decorators, beauticians,

hair dressers, chefs and waiters, entertainers, animators, etc).

If you need an inspiration, we always have suggestions, solutions and fantastic surprises.

The choice of the most wonderful places, wedding tables, ribbons, candy corners, name cards, napkins, ties and all those tiny detail which will brighten your wedding ceremony and make it unique, special and only yours.

Various styles and themes, vases, tables, lamps, carpets, pillows, baldachins… simple or glamorous style, we will help you adapt any space for your perfect wedding day.

Coordination – Regular price: from 600,00 €