How We Work?

How We Work?

Option 1 – Sending information, Making a Custom-made Offer and Booking Services


For create a custom-made offer, wedding venue, tips, ideas, prices and more information it is necessary to make minimum amount from €100,00-300,00  Non Refundable Pre-Payment.
The amount of minimum from €100,00-300,00 will be included in the final price when you booking the service.
For more information, please fill it the link here


For create a detailed tailor made wedding, itinerary, and booking the service, it is necessary to make a 30-50% percent Non Refundable Pre-Payment to book one of our services and tours. Bookings are not valid if 30-50% payment is not completed and payment confirmation.
Expect to receive a phone call from us to discuss all the details and help you. We encourage you to ask us for more info, and inform us about possible changes, updates, delay, cancellation to avoid misunderstanding, and to create for your and your clients full satisfaction and experience.
We would be happy to assist you, providing with fresh and verified information and suggestions from best-practice and first-hand experience.
Moreover,  we always sight-inspect all the services, destinations, products and activities and everything is offering you Comes with a Guarantee.

Option 2 – Supports and Individual Services

You can choose each of our services separately if you only need a marriage coordination service on a wedding day, accommodation, transportation by land , by sea or air, floral decoration and rent of arbor, floral bows and other inventory, make-up service, hairdressers, photography, cake and pastries, music, DJ, guest gifts and all other wedding services.
So, you can always choose our services you want separately.

Option 3 – Consulting

We are here at your service and to help you with all the advice before your wedding and traveling, for the wedding day and after the wedding, proposal, engagement, bachelorette and bachelor parties, honeymoon and other celebrations.

Option 4 – Wedding package and packages for bachelorette & bachelor parties, packages for travel & honeymoon

You can choose one of our brilliant wedding packages or we will be happy to create a package according to your wishes and needs.

Option 5 – All inclusive wedding, travel, bachelorette & bachelor parties, honeymoon

You can choose our all inclusive wedding or travel planning service according to official price list.

Option 6 – Enrol our Wedding & Event Planner Academy

Learn how to plan and design a wedding for yourself and others as well, as all the special events.

Option 7 – Become a Member of our Antropoti VIP Club

Membership in our club brings great discounts and benefits to all of our services.
You can choose between private and corporate membership.
We can help you create an unforgettable wedding of your dreams. We’re here to help you find your perfect wedding package.


In order to make your stay in the Antropoti VIP Club more pleasant, please follow the instructions and read carefully Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy and FAQ.


Please make a payment to the gyro account of the Antropoti Vip Club Concierge Service – Antropoti Ltd.

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