Zagreb Weddings

Zagreb Weddings

Zagreb, the Croatian capital, belongs to a few countries in the world whose capitals have such potential and natural beauty to be able to offer unique wedding locations such as a mountain, lakes and castles in the heart of the city.

Asphalt road and numerous hiking trails lead to the mountain above Zagreb and its highest point called Sljeme, which lays 1033 m above the sea level.

Getting married in Zagreb has been very popular between both foreign and Croatian nationals. The most requested wedding locations are Sljeme, Fortress Medvedgrad, Maksimir Park, Jarun Lake and in the Upper Town (old, historic part):

St Katarina Square with baroque church, St Marko Square famous by its tiled and painted roof, viewpoint and tower Lotrscak, the Croatian National Theatre and Mimara Museum.

The city of Zagreb is a small city with rich history and cultural heritage, the city of endless romance and –in one word- wonderful city which can offer you great loations for a wedding on open or restaurants and hotels with a wide range of gastronomic offer with both autochtonous and foreign dishes.

The Antropoti VIP Club will guide you in choosing a location for your wedding in Zagreb and make you fully experience your dream wedding.

Zagreb Weddings

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