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Trakošćan Castle

Trakošćan the best known and the most visited, and surely the most attractive castle of Hrvatsko Zagorje. Located on the hills of Croatian Zagorje it was built in the 13th century and its distinctive architectural feature is Romanesque castles from the 12th and 13th century. Trakošćan situated in a beautiful setting next to a lake and park forest the perfect location for wedding pictures or wedding ceremony for small group of people, wedding in the castle that belonged to illustrious family of Drašković and feel the romantic and medieval atmosphere is certainly guaranteed a unique wedding.

Travelling is always a great idea, especiallly when it’s to a place like Trakošćan castle. Distance between Zagreb center and Trakošćan castle are about 80 km.
Not everyone can afford to buy a castle, but that doesn’t mean you can’t rent one or a small part of one as well. At least for a a few hours, day or two.

Wedding ceremony in the castle is only possible on the open terraces of the castle during working hours in the period of the year when there are no large number of visitors and in the chapel as well.

St. Cross chapel
In Trakošćan park, there is a chapel dedicated to St. Cross. It was built in 1754 in the spirit of Baroque classicism, by donations of Suzana Malatinski, the women of Joseph Casimir Draskovic. Special charm to this small area gives the fact that it is integrated into the entire inventory needed for the equipment of a church: an elevated choir with organ, pulpit, a bench with a raised lectern and altar overlooking the large crucifix.

Outside the chapel is simple, just a facade with bell tower is classified as especially prominent decorations. The interior is divided into equally long rectangle vaulted nave and sanctuary ending shallow apse. Once the chapel had Mass four times a year, and today in the chapel except Sunday worship – performed ceremonies “Trakošćan wedding.”

Wedding in Croatia are getting more and more popular, every year and
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