Religious Marriages

Religious Marriages

Getting married in a religious ceremony

A religious marriage can only be performed by a minister, priest or pastor, who has been registered as an Officiant and authorized by the Registrar General to conduct religious marriages. Same sex couples are able to have a civil marriage only.

Making arrangements

Before you can give notice of your marriage you must decide when and where you want the marriage to take place. A religious ceremony may, with the agreement of the Officiant, take place anywhere in Croatia.

You should arrange for two people, aged 18 or over, to be present at your wedding to act as witnesses. This is required for both religious and civil ceremonies.

How and when to give notice for marriage

When the Registrar is content that there is no reason why the marriage can’t take place, a marriage schedule will be prepared from the information you have given in the marriage notice form.

Marriage schedule

The marriage schedule will be issued by the Registrar/Priest or Pastor.

The schedule cannot be issued more than 30-45 days before the marriage and the Registrar will advise when the marriage schedule can be collected.
The schedule cannot be collected on your behalf by a relative or friend, the Registrar will issue it only to the prospective bride or bridegroom who will have to sign for it. The marriage schedule must be produced before the marriage ceremony to the person performing the marriage.

Immediately after the ceremony, the schedule must be signed by the bride and groom, the person performing the marriage and the two witnesses.

Registering your marriage

Couples marrying by religious ceremony should make sure that the schedule is returned to the Registrar within three days, either in person or by post.

If you do not return the marriage schedule you will not be able to order a certified copy of your marriage.

Marriage certificate

If you are married at a religious ceremony you will not receive your marriage certificate immediately after the ceremony.

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